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Cremoso yoghurt's most cost-effective label design

molkerei scrap car disassembly can provide more than 30 useful materials for secondary use. Gropper's cremoso brand yoghurt has four different flavors -- cherry plus vanilla, orange, apple plus mango and strawberry. At present, the products have been listed in Germany, Italy, France, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Due to different regions, product information needs to be identified in multiple languages

decorative sleeves designed a set of labels for the product. The label can cover the bottle as a whole, and there is enough space on the back of the bottle to accommodate all information in different languages, without damaging the overall decorative effect. It is equally important to integrate multiple languages on a single label, which minimizes the design cost

this eye-catching set of labels is printed on PVC in nine colors, and the fruit pattern on the label is more exquisite. Different colors set off the low fat content of the product, so as to distinguish four different flavors

the filling of yogurt is completed on a new production line in klans. The combination of this assembly line and automatic labeling machine enables the filling and labeling of four flavors of yogurt at the same time, which maximizes the reference: production efficiency

"the set of labels used in cremoso yoghurt series not only improves the brand image, improves the eye-catching degree of shelves, but also contains all the necessary information."

dietmar Schulte, marketing manager of molkerei gropper, commented. "We have always maintained a good cooperative relationship with decorative sleeves. The company's new set of labels has maintained its consistent high-quality style, which fully meets our expectations."

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