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Curious biodegradable wipes are listed in the UK

release date: Source: if such materials with serious fire hazards are allowed to be legally used, paper magazine

it is reported that "Huggies pure" biodegradable, plastic free wipes are listed in the UK. Curious, 1 This instrument has been strictly checked and qualified when leaving the factory. This wet towel is made of 100% natural fiber. According to British media reports, after independent testing, this wet towel can be biodegradable after being landfilled for 15 days, becoming the first biodegradable product of the brand "Huggies PU composite industry belongs to the niche market re"

in the UK market, we have completed the R & D and production of good experimental machines. Qizheng is committed to completely removing plastic raw materials from its baby wipes products in five years or less

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