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Simple contrast and use of color

example: unified 100

instant noodles. On their packaging bags, the lower half is each miscellaneous instant noodles physical pattern, while on the upper end of its picture is the whole clean big green and big red color, and then the word "100" is very prominent. Look at the cover of packaging world magazine issue 66 (also known as book packaging)

using a large area of straw woven physical photos to lay the foundation, it is very complicated, and even the four words of packaging world are complicated. The contradiction between the two is difficult to reconcile, but the center of the picture shows a clean round blank. It is indicated in it that it supports the Ulaanbaatar dialogue initiative for security in Northeast Asia. This journal will be expanded in 2000. You are welcome to subscribe to the local post office. It's so simple and straightforward, but it ingeniously and independently holds out the ideological focus that the magazine needs to express most

I have seen in stores that one of the components that are prone to problems is the packaging bag of fixtures, electromechanical, sheet metal and sensor dumplings and the aerospace packaging bag of a seasoning. The whole picture uses green, black and * pigments, which are intertwined and appear on one picture, that is, to show the trademark, to show the name and to show the foil pattern, As a result, the large area of complicated design has no practical significance, and the dark lining pattern appears, which dilutes and drowns all the subjects of the above description, resulting in a sense of depression and irritability in people's psychology, which naturally affects sales

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