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Creative packaging design

when consumers choose goods, the most intuitive feeling is its packaging design. Therefore, if you want to get more market, you must make more efforts on the packaging design of goods to make it more novel. However, with the fierce competition, the new works in the packaging design market are constantly updated, and the original packaging design works are slowly forgotten by people. Since everyone pursues creativity, uniqueness and rapid and healthy development, what kind of packaging design can be called creative packaging? What should we pay attention to before designing your works, so that your works can be called creative packaging design

in this era of individuality and creativity, packaging design is not only the exterior decoration of products, but also a representative of corporate image. Due to the different understanding of the word "creativity" by enterprises, various digital display electronic experimental machines for packaging design are suitable for users who only seek force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data

packaging lacks personality, is not easy to remember, and can be seen everywhere. This kind of disease is too common and is called followup. People began to use popular things as packaging ideas, but they became bored after they could be seen everywhere. Creativity is not conformity. Second, it is unique. Blindly following the trend cannot become a style

packaging pays attention to visual correspondence, but this visual effect does not necessarily need to use bright and eye-catching colors. Chinese enterprises prefer to be popular, which is easy to ignore the wishes of consumers and rarely consider market segmentation. In fact, excessive pursuit of eyeball effect often leads to adverse effects. Regardless of the weight, no flow and over temperature, even if the packaging is ignored by the inspection tube, even if the production 7. Speed regulation range: 1 ⑵ 00mm/min. The quality of the product is good, it will be invisible to reduce the grade. Compared with the competitors, it is obviously a section shorter and loses the first opportunity. This is called vulgarity

there is also a kind of Shanzhai packaging, that is, Shanzhai disease. It takes the authentic brand as the template and plays a marginal role with the mainstream. Few people pay attention to quality. And this kind of product is mostly fake, because it is not a simple imitation, but touches the scope of infringement

there are similar product names in the packaging market, and some products are even nameless. Enterprises do not pay attention to products, trademarks are handled carelessly and clumsily, and naming is very common. There is the phenomenon of nameless disease. Brand is an intangible asset, and it is not surprising that the neglect of enterprises in consciousness often leads to the loss of product name and brand submergence

finally, I want to talk about play sickness. Designers lack a correct understanding of the enterprise, products and packaging. They pack enterprise products purely by playing art. The artistic appreciation is improved, but it can not promote sales. Blindly pursuing eyeball effect, creative packaging began to become, no style, no cultural heritage. How can we talk about creativity without these in packaging design

the above are the diseases that appear in the packaging market. Only by eliminating these diseases can creative packaging design emerge

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