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Correct daily cleaning and maintenance of the corrugated roller

timely and correct daily maintenance of the corrugated roller is the direct guarantee to prevent roller damage, prolong service life and obtain stable high-quality prints

1. Storage

(1) the corrugated roller package shall be stored in a dry place indoors to prevent damage due to moisture, rain and direct sunlight

(2) when replacing the corrugated roller, protect the surface of the corrugated roller to prevent collision damage. Do not store the unclean corrugated roller. When storing, natural fiber should be used instead of testing the tensile properties of rubber to make the wrapping foil wrapping roller that can meet the general needs of door and window building profiles

(3) fix the roller on the special support during storage. Do not place the roller surface on the ground obliquely, otherwise it is easy to damage the coating on the roller surface

2. Loading and unloading

do not fix the lifting rope directly on the roller surface to lift the mobile roller, so as to avoid falling and damaging the roller during lifting. The correct way to move the roller is to use the belt or other support, which is fixed on the shaft heads at both ends of the roller with the main engine oil cylinder as the power source, and avoid contacting the edge of the roller or other parts of the ceramic coating

3. Printing environment

remove the dust on the surface of the printed matter before printing, and keep the printing department clean

4. Ink selection and filtration

reject inferior inks containing filling impurities. Place a magnetic filter in the ink tank to avoid metal impurities scratching the roller

5. Clean in time

after each printing, the surface of the roller must be cleaned in time and thoroughly to avoid the remaining ink remaining at the bottom of the hole to dry and plug the hole, which is difficult to clean effectively, resulting in the reduction of volume, the reduction of ink release, and the impact of printing quality

6. Inspection

often use a hole microscope to detect holes. If wear and blockage are found, measures should be taken in time

7. Use the doctor blade correctly

(1) do not over pressurize the doctor blade in order to get more colors, so as to increase the wear of the wrinkle roll and the doctor blade

(2) do not rotate the dry wrinkle roll against the doctor blade

(3) every time you update the doctor blade, you need to reset the pressure. The wrong pressure setting will produce doctor blade fragments and damage the roll surface

(4) stop using the scraper that has exceeded the maximum wear degree, establish a daily process to monitor the wear changes of the scraper, stably control the wear degree of the doctor blade, and avoid damaging the wrinkle roll

(5) keep the roller parallel to the scraper at all times, and check and calibrate every 15 days

8. Reasonably select the hole type

adopt the correct hole depth and opening ratio. The correct ratio means a smoother surface and slower scraper wear

9. Correct daily cleaning and maintenance of corrugated roller

(1) daily cleaning of wire brush: wipe the ink with solvent first, then use special chemical cleaning agent, and use a special stainless steel wire brush with a wire diameter of 0.07mm to clean the hole

(2) immersion cleaning with chemical cleaning agent: soak the roller with special chemical cleaning agent for the corrugated roller, spray the solvent to the rotating corrugated roller through the high-pressure spray device moving along the axial direction of the roller, clean the residual ink in the hole, wash with clean water, and blow dry with air

(3) sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate) drying and cleaning system: the principle of spraying sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate) powder at low pressure to the corrugated roller to impact the residual dry solid ink in the hole can effectively clean the corrugated roller

(4) ultrasonic cleaning: immerse the roller in the chemical cleaning solution and rotate slowly. The ultrasonic generator vibrates the solution, producing countless micro bubbles that impact the hole. The bubbles explode under pressure to remove the residues in the hole and thoroughly clean the hole. Attention must be paid to the use of appropriate ultrasonic intensity, frequency, time and solution temperature to prevent excessive cleaning of the holes that damage the wrinkle roll

10. It is strictly forbidden to use the wrong cleaning method

(1) steam spray cleaning: it will damage the engraving surface of the corrugated roller, resulting in deformation and corrosion of the steel body

(2) burning: the flame sprayed at high temperature will seriously damage the ceramic surface, resulting in thermal deformation of the corrugated roller and leaving traces on the ceramic

(3) acid and its chemical substitutes: This is the worst way to try to clean the roller. Many acid compounds will seriously affect ceramic spraying, corrode shaft heads and steel bodies, and acid will also affect the health of operators

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