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Chongqing, as an important economic growth and industrial agglomeration area in the western region,

["pro" distance] from the benefit evaluation equipment! Sand King Wang Zong: "l975f helps me earn a lot!"

["pro" distance] from the benefit evaluation equipment! Sand King Wang, a world-renowned large-scale modern aluminum profile manufacturing enterprise with a total annual capacity of 300000 tons, "l975f helps me earn a lot!"

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"the two Shandong Lingong l975f loaders used in the sand factory can load 400 vehicles and eight wheels a day. The loading efficiency is very high, which can catch up with the capacity of the previous four 6-ton machines (non Shandong Lingong equipment). We plan to replace the loaders with l975f, because it can help me earn more!"

working condition information: in Heilongjiang region, sand and gravel factory loading

equipment: Shandong Lingong l975f loader (8 sets, purchased successively in 2019), excavator, crushing and screening equipment, etc.

interviewee: Mr. Wang, 20 years of experience, sand and gravel factory owner

usage evaluation: Shandong Lingong l975f loader is very efficient, and two l975f loaders can bear the capacity of four 6-ton (non Shandong Lingong) loaders; When the same loading volume is completed, the fuel consumption of l975f is saved by about 20%; The failure rate is very low, and there are few problems; Moreover, Shandong temporary work service was in place in time, with almost no downtime, creating high benefits in the past two years

54 year old president Wang is a well-known "king of sandstone" in Harbin. Since entering the sand and gravel industry in 2000, it has been "deeply cultivated" in this architectural subdivision for more than 20 years, silently contributing to the construction and development of Heilongjiang region

as an enterprise operator, President Wang knows everything from the details of the operation process of the gravel plant to the operation output of the equipment, from the upstream and downstream supply-demand relationship to the grasp of the regional market. In 2019, introduced by a friend, President Wang purchased an l975f loader, and he was very satisfied with its excellent operation efficiency. It is also the excellent performance of that equipment that has made president Wang doubly recognize Shandong Lingong. In three years, he has successively purchased eight Shandong Lingong loaders, all of which are l975f, which are mixed with wood flour, bamboo flour, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fibers to form new wood materials

"we used to use other brands, but doing business depends on profits. Of course, we will give priority to who can bring me higher income. The production capacity of l975f is very high, and it has been used for more than two years, which has helped me create a lot of wealth."

the "skilled worker" on the assembly line

president Wang's gravel plant is a systematic modern mining and crushing enterprise. The down-hole drill is used for blasting and mountain excavation, the excavator is used for rough loading, which is transported to the crushing line for fine crushing, and then loaded by the loader according to the specifications and transported to the downstream concrete production unit. The whole system is closely linked. In addition to equipment maintenance, it operates 24 hours a day, which requires very high equipment reliability. Shandong Lingong l975f has become a "skilled worker" in this high-intensity operation system

"we have our own maintenance team, spare parts warehouse, welding and reinforcement can be completed by ourselves, and we have a parking and warming warehouse. In addition to a month's rest during the Spring Festival, the equipment is almost 24 hours without shutdown. Two l975f have withstood the test, and can fully meet the production capacity of about 400 vehicles per day. The evaluation of the crew and the team supervisor is very good!"

the sand and gravel factory implements a strict management process. President Wang requires that the equipment be cleaned every day and maintained on time. Among them, Shandong Lingong l975f automatic lubrication system provides great convenience for maintenance personnel

choose l975f and optimize the production capacity structure

"we didn't do much at first. 2010 is an opportunity to catch up with the tide of '4trillion' construction, expand production capacity and investment in time, and slowly develop. In recent years, many small sand and gravel plants have been shut down, which is also an opportunity for us and a great challenge."

in recent years, the state has become more and more strict in the examination of environmental protection and mining qualifications of enterprises. The downstream market has higher and higher requirements for aggregate belt tightening products. Many small sand and gravel factories are withdrawing one after another, and the supply of sand and gravel aggregate is in short supply. According to Mr. Wang, the sandstone industry is developing towards modernization, large-scale and intensification, which is a new opportunity for enterprise development. At the same time, President Wang also realized that the supply chain of the gravel plant is getting longer and longer, the transportation cost is increasing, and the production capacity and efficiency need to be optimized

"we are constantly optimizing the production capacity structure, and choosing Shandong Lingong l975f loader is also one of them. The work done by four 6-ton loaders can now be completed by two l975f loaders, saving labor and management costs. From the perspective of fuel consumption, for example, if we also walk 5000 cubic meters per day, Shandong Lingong l975f can save at least 20% of the fuel cost."

the "three elements" of machine selection

at present, there are 15 loaders in the gravel factory, of which 8 machines purchased in recent years are all Shandong Lingong l975f. Mr. Wang rarely asks about the details of the use of the equipment, but he will evaluate the value of the equipment from the overall output benefit. And with many years of experience in the operation of sand and gravel factories, President Wang has his own purchasing theory

"I think buying a loader depends on three points: reliability, fuel economy and timeliness of service. Reliable and reliable use can bring long-term benefits, fuel economy can reduce daily costs, timely service can ensure equipment attendance to the greatest extent. Shandong Lingong and its l975f loader are excellent in these aspects."

when talking about the market situation and development plan this year, President Wang is full of confidence. "This year's development momentum is good. The stone can be sold for about 75 yuan, and the supply is in short supply. We plan to install four more loaders in the second half of the year, of course, Shandong Lingong l975f is the preferred choice!"

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