The most convenient and accurate leakage detection

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Realize convenient and accurate leak detection

with the continuous improvement of the production efficiency of auto parts, it is very important to complete the leak detection of assembly parts conveniently and accurately to improve the processing quality and efficiency. Therefore, Alcatel high vacuum technology group in France has made unremitting efforts, and the birth of its H2000 plus leak detector has brought a new solution to this problem

after the final assembly of the engine, the coolant pipes, fuel pipes and lubricating oil pipes in the engine system are usually leak checked before the test. Due to the different characteristics of the coolant, lubricating oil and fuel, the leak detection standard of the corresponding pipeline system is also different. When the pressure is 15 ~ 25psig (1psig=6894.757pa), the leak detection standard is usually set at 0.1 ~ 20cc/min (ml/min)

common leak detection methods and their limitations

taking the engine production line as an example, technicians usually use the pressure drop method and flow method to detect whether the total leakage rate of the engine meets the set sealing requirements. This method is simple and effective, and it can quickly find products with excessive leakage, but there are also the following problems:

1. The structure of parts is usually complex, It is impossible for the inspectors to spray foam on all parts and observe the leakage, so some leakage points will be ignored. For example, the back of pipes or other devices is more difficult to access and find

2. Technicians cannot find some small leakage points through visual observation

3. The detection personnel cannot accurately calculate the amount of leakage, and may ignore some potential leakage points that look extremely small but will cause internal fluid leakage under actual working conditions; It may also take a lot of time to repair suspected leakage points that are found in the test but will not leak in the actual working conditions

4. The foam used for detection may remain in the engine. 1. After turning on the electric copper rod tensile load test machine and running for a period of time, the possibility of cracks in the parts that originally contact the foam will increase, and some parts, such as the spark plug position, should try to avoid contacting the foam. Therefore, after using the foam spray method for leak detection, the tested engine must be cleaned and dried

5. In quality improvement work or that kind of fault, obtaining reliable leakage rate data from excellent graphite resources to powerful and excellent enterprises will help to analyze the problems existing in engine assembly process and provide basis for improving product quality

advanced hydrogen nitrogen mixed tracer gas leak detection method

1. Safe hydrogen nitrogen mixed gas

hydrogen nitrogen mixed gas is composed of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen. It has the characteristics of non combustible, non-toxic and anti-corrosion, and is often used as protective gas in industrial welding. The mixed gas has low cost. At the same time, as a tracer gas for leak detection, it does not need high gas purity. Therefore, it is very suitable for use as a tracer gas

2. Main equipment

(1. If you want to buy a suitable universal testing machine, you can decide from the following aspects:) leak detector

h2000 plus leak detector has a solid and reliable internal structure without maintenance, so it is particularly suitable for application in industrial production and manufacturing environment. Its microelectronic sensor only responds to hydrogen and will not be disturbed by other gases. Therefore, H2000 plus leak detector can detect the location and size of leakage very accurately

(2) tracer gas injector

tgf10 tracer gas injector is easy to operate, and it can complete the process of inflation and exhaust of the entire tested pipeline with only one button

3. Leak detection method

(1) seal the external interface of the pipe of the workpiece to be detected, so that its interior can withstand a certain pressure

(2) inject the mixed gas into the leak detection pipeline

(3) the inspector scans the seams of the workpiece and the assembly and fitting positions of various components through the hand-held probe attached to the H2000 plus hydrogen leak detector. If there is a leakage point that exceeds the preset value, the speaker and LCD screen will immediately send an alarm signal and accurately indicate the location of the leakage. At the same time, the inspector can also measure the amount of leakage

4. Technical advantages

(1) quickly indicate the leakage position

(2) the leakage value can be measured quickly and accurately

(3) only the leakage points that exceed the standard need to be repaired

(4) after the test, there is no need to clean and dry the workpiece

(5) for positions that are difficult to access, it can also detect whether there is excessive leakage

(6) find the leakage point in advance to avoid the leakage of internal fluid during thermal engine test

(7) improve product quality and save leak detection and repair time


Alcatel high vacuum technology group of France is committed to providing users with highly reliable leak detection products. Its H2000 plus leak detector is mainly suitable for leak detection of automotive engines, gearboxes, oil pans, braking systems and other components with high sealing requirements. (end)

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