The 8th Western China International Architectural

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The 8th Western China International Architectural coatings exhibition will be held in the summer of next year

the 8th Western China International Architectural & waterproof dope Fair will be held in the summer of next year

December 12, 2006

is known as the first exhibition of Western China decoration, It will be held at Xi'an International Exhibition Center from May 18 to 20, 2007. Please deposit it at the place often consulted near this machine at 200. The exhibition was hosted by Shaanxi building energy conservation and wall material reform office, Shaanxi Building Decoration Association, Shaanxi civil architecture society and Shaanxi Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and organized by Shaanxi Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. at the same time, the 8th "Western China International Building Decoration Expo" and "China (Xi'an) international building energy conservation products and technology equipment exhibition" were held

wbde is China's west front line. 2. The mainstream of the data collection industry of copper tube pulse fatigue life testing machine is the largest construction Expo using the computer software department. It is committed to disseminating high-end technologies and advanced products in the building materials industry, creating market opportunities for enterprises to develop the western market, and promoting the rapid development of the western building materials industry. It is held in Xi'an every May. With an annual growth rate of more than 30%, it has become the largest and most authoritative well-known brand exhibition in the western building materials industry, and is the most important building materials industry event in China. According to the China epoxy resin industry association, the last exhibition area reached 16000 square meters, with a total of 370 well-known exhibitors from 30 countries and regions participating, including: Red Devils of the United States, AkzoNobel of the Netherlands, Sika of Switzerland, ICI of the United Kingdom, Frege of Sweden, SKK of Japan, Kaufeng of Canada, super ergo of Singapore, chaoguang of South Korea, Chinese paint in Hong Kong, Ferris, linle, Nanbao of Taiwan, Yatu of Macao Many well-known enterprises and brands in the industry, such as Guangdong garberry, Beijing foster, Shanghai Yashi, Shenzhen Motian, etc. A total of 28013 people from home and abroad were attracted to visit, purchase and negotiate during the 3-day meeting

this exhibition was highly praised by exhibitors. Mr. liuwenqiang, northwest director of asilac (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., commented: I am very satisfied with the exhibition in terms of scale and effect. There are many guests at the exhibition, and they have also consulted many questions about our products, so that consumers can better understand our products and promote the development of our market. In order to install the stretching fixture, we wish the next exhibition will be better. Mr. Du Guoquan, manager of Xi'an Branch of Euclidean International (Hong Kong) linle coating Co., Ltd., said that during the three-day exhibition, an endless stream of people came to consult and negotiate, and some industry personnel came to consult products. The scene was very popular. This exhibition not only improved the popularity of linle paint in Xi'an, but also let more people know about linle and its culture, which played a role in promoting the development of linle Xi'an branch in the next stage

the scope of the 8th western architectural coatings exhibition includes: Interior (exterior) wall coatings, wood coatings, ground coatings, waterproof materials, other products and equipment. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that government departments, project units, design units, traders and family visitors will be invited to visit. Technical exchange meetings and new product launches will also be held

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