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The 8th China Qingdao international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition 2006 will be held in beautiful Qingdao from July 24 to 27, 2006. This is an international event about instruments, control systems, instrument materials, components and accessories, automation IT solutions, high-end industrial robot products and related technologies

there is no doubt that both exhibitors and visitors like the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, especially in summer, which is also the reason why this exhibition is quite popular

Luosheng company has tasted the sweetness of the seventh exhibition before it was officially put into production last year. The effect of the exhibition is very good. Hundreds of visitors visited Luosheng booth, and dozens of companies reached cooperation intentions on the spot. It is precisely because of the popularity of this exhibition that Luo Sheng participated in the exhibition again this year, and we also used it to check whether the software was used to revise or calibrate before the difficulties occurred; Believe this opportunity to communicate with new and old customers, and bring the latest products and technical materials at the same time

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