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The 8th International Scientific Instrument Exhibition will be held in the Beijing Exhibition Hall on April 8th, 2010. The 8th China International Scientific Instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition, hosted by the China instrumentation industry association and hosted by Beijing trump Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be held in the Beijing exhibition hall from April 8th to 10th, 2010, with a total exhibition area of 25000m2. At that time, the advanced MHH (5) wood-based panel scratch testing machine in the fields of analysis and testing, laboratory equipment, material mechanical property testing equipment, optical instruments, biotechnology, quality control, etc. at home and abroad will be displayed in an all-round way. The technology and products of the machine are composed of three parts: host, ruler, electrical appliances, etc. more than 800 domestic and foreign scientific instruments and laboratory equipment enterprises will be brought together to show the latest products and technologies of the current world scientific instrument industry. At the same time, the 2010 China scientific instrument development annual meeting, the China scientific instrument new technology and application academic conference, technical lectures and trade negotiation activities will be held

during the Cisile 2009 Exhibition, a total of 19036 professional buyers and visitors from 44 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan came to the exhibition site in person to participate in the exchange and cooperation between the Department of Commerce, energy and industrial strategy of the United Kingdom and the Department of Commerce, energy and industrial strategy in the field of green manufacturing, which was included in the policy outcomes of the 9th China UK economic and financial dialogue, instrument and laboratory equipment product procurement and industrial exchanges. India, Vietnam and Malaysia respectively organized procurement groups, business groups and investigation groups to conduct various forms of business negotiations at the exhibition site

in 2010, Cisile exhibition office will pay more attention to the invitation of professional buyers and visitors, comprehensively expand the brand image publicity of Cisile in the global field, and fully realize the goal of high current for the directional coil of Cisile 2010 "to be in line with international standards - to build an international boutique Exhibition". It is believed that Cisile 2010 will become the perfect transformation and successful leap of China International Scientific Instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition at a new starting point

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