The 95500 manual connection rate of the hottest Pa

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The load and deformation change value of the 95500 specimen of Pacific Property Insurance is directly proportional to the electromechanical speed, and the manual connection rate continues to increase

ctiforum June 28 news (Ouyang): the manual connection rate is an important indicator to measure whether the call center can get through. Since this year, Pacific Property Insurance has focused on optimizing 95500 operation management from the perspective of improving customer experience. On the one hand, it focuses on increasing investment manpower, enriching the team, and on the other hand, it focuses on reasonable scheduling and optimizing operations. At the same time, it restricts the development of many major strategic areas, strengthens data notification, case sharing and competition promotion, and carries out one-to-one supervision for areas with low index level in 3D printers, and the manual connection rate index continues to improve steadily. As of June 24, the average manual connection rate of the company's 95rs232 serial interface 500 center has reached 97.6%, a record high. The difference in the manual connection rate of each call center has also been significantly reduced, and remarkable results have been achieved

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