The 8th hottest food fair was held in Hangzhou in

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The eighth food trade fair was held in Hangzhou in October.

in the face of food safety issues that have attracted more and more attention from the world, how can businesses continue to improve food quality? Is there any way to develop new products? Will additives add chaos to food safety? The 8th Zhejiang food fair will be held in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 10 to 12. Food experts will take this as the theme to help food production enterprises solve their doubts. This was revealed by the Secretary General of the provincial Food Industry Association today

according to the Secretary General shengxiaotu, the 8th Zhejiang food fair is a food feast that brings together famous food brands in Zhejiang Province and includes well-known brands such as Shanghai, Jiangxi and Fujian. It is hosted by the provincial economic and Trade Commission and organized by the provincial Food Industry Association. It aims to implement the deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on accelerating the development of the food industry, and to show the level of glass substrate on the smart screen of the development of the food industry in Zhejiang Province, Expand the exchange and cooperation of food enterprises, and build a platform to promote the development of food production and circulation

unlike in the past, this trade fair has set promoting the safer, better and faster development of food production and circulation as an important theme. A food industry development forum will be held. Professor Li Jianrong, Dean and doctoral advisor of the food College of Zhejiang University of technology and industry, professor you Xin, honorary chairman of the China food additive production and Application Industry Association, and other well-known domestic food experts and professors will be invited to discuss the world food development trends and new ideas for product development Food additives and food industry, food safety - China is facing new opportunities and challenges, food marketing planning and skills and other topics, publishing the latest research results, for the development of new products for food enterprises, the effective application of preparation agents before the installation of Jinan experimental machine, ensuring food safety and developing the food market, and promoting the rapid development of the food industry in Zhejiang Province

according to the Secretary General of the provincial Food Industry Association, this food fair has two remarkable features: first, the participating enterprises are of high grade. Our province has won Zhejiang famous brand and Zhejiang famous trademark, and more than 40 enterprises with a large number of human titles have participated in the building block experiment, such as the leading yellow rice wine group in the yellow rice wine industry, dahaoda company, a famous stir fry enterprise, Youkang group, a backbone of frozen food, Hengtian Group, a famous flour brand enterprise, wufangzhai, a time-honored brand of zongzi, beiyingmei, a famous baby food expert, and so on. A group of famous enterprises from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian, Jilin and other places also participated in the exhibition, such as Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar, shanghaojia (China) company, Jiangxi Wufeng food, Fujian Fuwang food, Jilin by the servo machine with high speed regulation accuracy, wide range, stable performance through the synchronous toothed belt deceleration system to drive the ball screw pair to rotate, such as Jigu fiber food. Famous scientific research institutions, many raw material manufacturers and food packaging equipment suppliers participated in the exhibition. Second, there are many varieties and wide coverage of entry transactions. The products of the exhibition include 17 kinds of food, including cereals, Oils and foodstuffs, quick-frozen food, tobacco, alcohol and candy, meat products, beverages, condiments, children's food, snack food, green food, specialty food, etc; In addition, 9 types of food additives such as flavoring agents, essence, colorants, preservatives, nutritional enhancers, and 4 types of food production equipment such as food processing machinery, food packaging machinery, dairy processing machinery, and food testing instruments are on display

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