The 90000 ton ethylene propylene rubber project of

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Shandong Tianhong Chemical Co., Ltd. has 90000 tons of ethylene propylene rubber and saved the results. The EPDM project started on June 12. The annual output of 90000 tons of ethylene propylene rubber and supporting projects of Shandong Tianhong Chemical Co., Ltd. started in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone

according to the environmental impact assessment announcement of the ethylene propylene rubber project by Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, the project covers a total area of 704300 square meters, and the main construction contents include 5million tons/year raw material refining unit, 1.8 million tons/year low-quality oil comprehensive utilization unit, 2million tons/year MCC unit, 1.8 million tons/year medium aromatics hydrofining unit, 1.5 million tons/year hydrocracking unit, 1million tons/year young oil upgrading unit, 200000 tons/year C4 aromatization unit 450000 T/a gas fractionation unit, 80000 T/a MTBE are installed, many customers are very satisfied after purchasing, 800000 T/a aromatic hydrocarbon Hydrodesulfurization Unit, 40000nm3/h dry gas hydrogen production unit, 2 × 30000 T/a sulfur recovery combined unit, product refining unit, 3 × 30000 T/a ethylene propylene rubber plant and supporting public and auxiliary storage and transportation environmental protection facilities

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