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Don't miss this opportunity. You will learn how to use Cognex visual recognition tools to solve thorny recognition application problems

lecture time:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

14:00 p.m. Beijing time

turn waste into treasure

at this 60 minute networking seminar, our expert speaker Gina Huang will introduce to you how to build a fair competitive market environment. Many people who use Cognex recognition tools cry out. You will learn the following knowledge:

determine which types of features are most suitable for the four inspection component tool groups (whether there are tools, measurement tools, calculation tools, recognition tools)

select various recognition tools to help solve visual applications

recognition tool application demonstration

you will see a comprehensive demonstration of recognition applications to obtain the information needed to implement these recognition applications on the production line, No additional expertise or training is required. If you are looking for ways to solve the most challenging testing applications, this webinar will be very suitable for you

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