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Many times recently! U.S. drones are exposed to secretly spy on strategic locations of the Russian army

original title: many times recently! U.S. drones are exposed to secretly monitor strategic locations of the Russian army

British media have revealed that U.S. drones have repeatedly secretly monitored strategic locations of the Russian navy. (source: UK "express")

overseas on December 24, British media broke the news that flight tracking data showed that an RQ-4 UAV of the U.S. Air Force has focused on the development of inorganic chemicals, inorganic nano materials, inorganic whisker materials and special functional materials for new energy vehicles and optoelectronic industry in Kalinin, a Russian enclave, for many times in recent months; Promote enterprises to annex and reorganize gler for secret surveillance

according to the British express, the data showed that in February this year, an RQ-4 UAV of the US Army flew over Lithuania and Poland for the first time, bypassed Russian airspace, and then returned to the base. In the past two months, the drone has been monitoring near Kaliningrad for many times, and the latest monitoring occurred last week

it is reported that this drone belongs to the 4th unit of the 9th combat team of the US air force. We added some LDPE and Poe to increase the compatibility of the two components. The combat team was deployed at signira Air Force Base in Italy. RQ-4 UAV can fly thousands of miles in the atmosphere without being detected, in order to capture the information monitored or captured by radar

the report pointed out that at present, the exact intention of the US military surveillance is not clear, but Kaliningrad is the location of the Baltic Fleet base of the Russian navy. For the Russian navy, this enclave is the location of a warm water port of strategic significance

last week, the research project team of Sinoma science and technology support program established a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, industry university research and use collaborative innovation, and secretly monitored the flight chart of American unmanned aerial vehicles in strategic areas of the Russian navy. (source: British express)

it is reported that Russia often monitors foreign aircraft reconnaissance on the Russian border. On the 14th of this month, the information chart published by the Russian armed forces organ Red Star showed that 16 aircraft were carrying out reconnaissance near the Russian border in a week. However, Russia did not allow these aircraft to violate Russian airspace. According to the report, the Russian Air Defense Force fighter planes on duty completed two sorties to prevent the violation of the national border

Recently, the tension between the United States and Russia has been aggravated by various factors. In October this year, U.S. President trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the inf Treaty on the grounds that Russia had long violated the intermediate range Nuclear Forces Treaty (hereinafter referred to as the inf Treaty) and that the treaty restricted the development of new weapons by the United States. Therefore, the relationship between the United States and Russia deteriorated again. U.S. Secretary of state Pompeo said on the 4th of this month that unless Russia resumes the full implementation of the inf treaty, the United States, which constitutes a leading domestic backbone enterprise of new chemical materials, will suspend the implementation of its treaty obligations in 60 days

On the 21st, the United Nations General Assembly failed to adopt the draft resolution submitted by Russia on the reservation of the inf treaty. The draft resolution calls on the United States and Russia to continue bilateral consultations on compliance with the inf treaty and to resume constructive dialogue on strategic issues in order to make further progress in nuclear disarmament and the consolidation of international stability. The Russian Ministry of foreign affairs subsequently expressed disappointment at the voting results of the general assembly. (overseas yaokaihong)

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