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Recognize the main contradiction in the development of machine tool industry

since the founding of new China, especially after the reform and opening up, China's machine tool industry has made great progress and achievements. However, compared with advanced industrial countries, there is a large gap, which affects the development speed of the overall industry. Facing the demand and fierce competition of domestic and foreign markets, how to accelerate the development of China's machine tool industry and truly play its due strategic importance and role is a major practical problem we face

first, the main contradiction in the development of China's machine tool industry

for a long time, we have many misunderstandings about the current situation, characteristics and main contradictions of China's machine tool industry (such as: the country has a large number of machine tools, the composition ratio is backward, more low-grade, less medium and high-grade, poor completeness, low level of mechanization and automation, low labor productivity, etc.). Therefore, the development of machine tool industry is tortuous, with great internal friction, low efficiency and slow progress. For example, Japan was defeated in 1945 and China was liberated in 1949. The development of machine tool industry of the two countries was basically on the same starting line. In 1958, Japan and China developed the first numerical control (NC) machine tool in the same year. 50 years later, Japan has become a world power in the production and export of NC machine tools, while China is still relatively backward. Although there are many factories in China, they cannot master many key technologies. NC machine tools are imported in large quantities, and the production cannot meet the demand. Moreover, the development speed lags behind that of South Korea and Taiwan

there are many contradictions in the development of machine tool industry in China. For example, there is insufficient understanding of the strategic importance of machine tool industry in industrial development, and the government has long lacked clear and lasting guidelines and policies for the development of machine tool industry; The machine tool industry from top to bottom does not have a clear understanding of the characteristics and development laws of machine tools, does not carefully study the national conditions and actual needs, and blindly catch up with and surpass the world. Above is the advanced level of the key inspection points before the use of plastic tensile testing machine shared by technicians, but does not seriously lay a good technical foundation. Therefore, it is often complacent about the development of individual products, and the scientific research, design Manufacturing and supply have not been fundamentally solved; The whole machine tool industry has poor personnel quality, and there is a serious lack of experts and talents in all aspects. Many key technologies (such as rigidity, thermal deformation, vibration, noise, precision compensation, etc.) have not been fundamentally solved; The scientific research work of basic technology and applied technology required for the development of machine tools is weak. In the whole machine tool industry, the original 7 comprehensive research institutes and 25 professional research institutes have been in vain and can not play the four major roles of "staff, tackling difficulties, organization and service". The whole machine tool industry does not have a strong scientific research unit and system organization. Scientific research is intermittent, cold and hot, and major scientific research work is not in-depth system. Therefore, at present, the design and manufacturing of all kinds of machine tools in China, especially NC machine tools, lack a deep technical foundation, and are basically copied from foreign countries, and the key functional components depend on foreign supporting facilities; In terms of product production in the machine tool industry, it is basically in small industrial production. All enterprises are fighting alone and lack cooperation. Enterprises all pursue "large and complete" and "small and complete", which is far from professional production and modern large industrial production. And so far, there is still a lack of deep understanding of this, and there are no correct guidelines, policies, and effective measures, so the production efficiency is low, the economic benefit is poor, and it is difficult to participate in the fierce competition in the world market. The overall organization is loose, showing the phenomenon of "virtual obesity"

however, the fundamental reason why China's machine tool industry and NC machine tools can't develop is the lack of personnel knowledge, and the lack of a large number of experts and talents, and the unclear understanding of the strategy, importance and complexity of the development of machine tool industry. There is a lack of deep understanding of the electromechanical integration characteristics, design, manufacturing and use characteristics of NC machine tools. So far, it still lingers in the stage of perceptual knowledge, has not risen to rational knowledge, and has not acted in accordance with its characteristics and objective development laws. All kinds of host design and supporting links are not up to the mark. In addition, due to the lack of in-depth analysis of the national conditions, it is extremely easy to print the test report by using the peripheral printer of the microcomputer, so it is taken for granted that we should blindly catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level, which is waiting for the hare and begging for the fish. Although we use and introduce foreign advanced technology to produce many first-rate and second-rate advanced NC machine tool products, we have not solved the fundamental problem of internal causes. The three major problems of talent, organization and technology in the machine tool industry have not been fundamentally solved. Therefore, we lack a solid foundation and basic skills. Although we may thrive for a while, we cannot last long. If you lose the support of foreign countries, you will not be able to walk independently

the main contradiction in the accelerated development of China's machine tool industry is the contradiction between high requirements for advanced technology of machine tools and poor knowledge, low quality and lack of experts. Therefore, the machine tool industry is backward, developing slowly and operating inefficiently. To fundamentally solve the problem is to improve the scientific and technological quality of all staff, cultivate a large number of experts in all aspects, and solve all major problems in a down-to-earth manner, so as to speed up the development of machine tool industry and meet the needs of social development and domestic and foreign markets

before 1980, with the help of perceptual knowledge, China's NC machine tools went up and down in a crowd. There were three times when "white pollution" was serious, and the landfill hazards rose and fell. Due to poor technology and unreliable work, they could not adhere to production. After the reform and opening up, relying on the support of foreign advanced technology, advanced components, functional components, NC system, automatic cutting tools, etc., they began to enter production and use, and gradually developed some new varieties, which has made great progress. However, many key technologies are not really mastered, let alone mass production to meet social needs. The main contradiction in the accelerated development is that the technical requirements of modern high-precision NC machine tools for Mechatronics are strict, which is in opposition to the host structure and various key component technologies. Many key technologies fail, important components are not matched, and NC machine tools are of low quality, poor technical level, and slow development. The development of NC machine tools can be accelerated only if the key technologies required by NC machine tools are qualified and the components and links are matched with each other (such as the solid technical foundation in the United States, Germany and Japan)

Second, several aspects of solving the main problems in the development of machine tool industry

the experience of developing machine tool industry in advanced industrial countries is worth paying attention to and learning. The United States, Germany and Japan are countries with advanced machine tools and powerful machine tool industry in the world today. There are three important successful experiences in developing the machine tool industry: first, it has always attached importance to talents, improved people's knowledge and experience, passed on from generation to generation and accumulated from generation to generation, with a deep technical foundation and solid basic skills; Second, pay attention to practical results, develop according to needs, seek truth from facts, and have a scientific spirit. The United States, Germany and Japan first developed efficient automatic machine tools and mass production automation, and then combined with the needs of society, microelectronics and computer technology progress, and then developed NC machine tools and flexible production automation. The steps are solid and the economic effect is remarkable; The third is to carry out professional division of labor and mutual cooperation, and the real small editor will carry out professional production on the judgment standard of quality in the selection of experimental machines. In the market economy, there is both competition and cooperation, and take the path of modern industrial production. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen scientific research and innovation, improve quality, be genuine, serve users in good faith, and establish reputation. All these practices are in line with the characteristics of machine tools and the objective law of development, and grasp the main contradiction that "people" are the main body of creating tools and using resources. With the improvement of people's knowledge and technology level, the level of developing products, improving organizations, improving technology, meeting market demand and other aspects will continue to improve, and many existing problems will be gradually solved

first of all, we must learn from the development experience of the United States, Germany and Japan and understand the changes in the needs of the world market. We should adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, vigorously cultivate talents in all aspects, and solidly achieve the correct "education, selection and employment". In five, ten and twenty years, we should effectively change the backward and impetuous state of the current machine tool industry, which has more people than know, low quality, inefficient operation and blind complacency. Be able to effectively understand the characteristics and development laws of machine tools and make steady progress

on the premise of effectively improving the quality of personnel and cultivating a large number of expert talents, we should correctly solve the six major problems of "talent, scientific research, innovation, quality, cooperation and reputation", improve the cohesion, combat effectiveness and competitiveness of the machine tool industry, change the current "fat child" phenomenon in the machine tool industry, and effectively achieve a large number of talents, in-depth scientific research, strong innovation, excellent quality, close cooperation and outstanding reputation. Only by effectively improving the quality of all staff, especially the leaders at all levels, can we truly adhere to the six aspects of talent, scientific research, innovation, quality, cooperation and reputation rationally, and turn inefficiency into efficiency, weakness into strength, and backwardness into advancement

deeply understand the characteristics and development laws of machine tool industry and NC machine tools. To effectively improve the quality, knowledge and scientific and technological level of personnel, we must regularly strengthen the training of existing personnel and workers, update knowledge, vigorously cultivate all kinds of new people, and achieve the combination of learning and application, strict assessment, and make the best of people. Make great efforts in all aspects of the system and mechanism. The quality of personnel has been improved, especially the leaders concerned should have foresight and sagacity. Only by combining professional skills with rational understanding can we truly adhere to the strategic importance of the machine tool industry, formulate correct and comprehensive development guidelines and policies in time, comprehensively and reasonably adjust the organizational structure and product structure in combination with the actual needs of national conditions, and accelerate the development of various high-quality, advanced and marketable products; Only in this way can we continue to strengthen scientific research, do a good job of in-depth and systematic scientific research in both basic technology and applied technology, effectively reform the system and mechanism of machine tool industry and enterprises, and implement it well, so as to turn low efficiency into efficient operation; Only in this way can we truly turn "large and complete" and "small and complete" into specialized production; In order to strengthen the cooperation between majors and enterprises, and give full play to the role of individuals and collectives. After comprehensively improving the quality of personnel, we can deeply understand and master the characteristics and development laws of NC machine tools, grasp the scientific research, design, manufacturing and use direction of NC machine tools, effectively grasp the key technologies, improve efficiency and utilization, be proficient in the scientific research, development and innovation of NC machine tools, and accelerate the development of various supporting components, NC systems and advanced tools. (end)

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