Recently, the domestic BDO market has remained sta

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Recently, the domestic BDO market has temporarily remained stable

under the condition that the downstream PU industry has not been fully started, although the domestic BDO market increased to a certain extent last week, it has basically remained stable this week. 6. The wind speed related standard PDS is a biodegradable high molecular material suitable for monofilament suture, and the quasi specified sub quotation has a trend towards the high end

in the market, the transaction negotiation of East China apron is still at yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of barrel is at yuan/ton. On the whole, the market atmosphere is slowly improving compared with the previous period; The negotiation atmosphere in South China market is also recovering. At present, the quotation of bulk water is yuan/ton, and the quotation of barrel is yuan/ton

in terms of external market, due to the sufficient orders before the year, the negotiations after the festival have not yet started. However, according to the transaction results before the year, the product introduction said that it is suitable for the coating of positive and negative materials of lithium-ion batteries. From the end of February to the beginning of March, China is basically in the initial stage, and there will be a considerable amount of barreled water dispersing agent in the market

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